Photojournalism Critique

I chose this photo because I like the edit. It was also interesting to me that everyone has their glasses on. That makes us think about what they are looking at. I imagine they are looking like a horse race. But the way they are dressed may be choices. But who takes that kind of lens for the elections. I think this image is difficult to discover. They may just be important people. And it is also seen that this photo was taken some time ago.


This photo seems very tender. You see two people in love. It is seen that the lady is having fun. I can’t appreciate where they are because the background. Also, this photo was taken a long time ago because of the way they dress. Henri was able to appreciate the humor and happiness of people. I also liked the edition, the contrast etc. It also made me wonder if they are father and daughter or if they are a couple. Since it is appreciated that they have affection.

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